Master Perfumer:

Philip Montague

The creator of our Haute Couture perfumes, each one a finely-tuned mélange of perfectly balanced notes.

All Oakherne fragrances are created exclusively by our own Master Perfumer; Philip Montague - a commanding talent who brings international acclaim to this ancient craft. Many of our signature fragrances are created from all-natural ingredients with a depth and complexity worthy of the finest classic perfumes.

A leading ‘nose’ in the fragrance industry; Philip brings 35 years of perfumery experience, gained with an array of industry majors. He has a deep knowledge of the creation of fine fragrances, soaps, cosmetics and homecare items. Philip - whose early career began in Grasse, France - has subsequently had the opportunity to work in many different markets of the world, and with an extensive track record in the Middle East, South America, Asia and the US, he has gained the understanding of the trends and unique preferences that characterise these markets.