Oakherne Fragrances
Royal Berkshire,

An alchemy with aromas that will call on half-remembered dreams and florid thoughts of another time and another place.

Mouri: A sumptuous confection of sweet jasmine and exotic mimosa, layered over cashmere-soft Madagascar vanilla and silky sweet almond.

Odel: Sparkling top notes of white lily and peony add a sophisticated sheen to the tropical gardenia heart - Seductive notes of patchouli and trails of vetiver carry this scent into the night.

Viaggio Profumi:
The perfect marriage of fine-quality scented candles and authentic classic Murano glass.

An intensely masculine blend of citrus, bergamot, sage, sandalwood & leather notes - conjuring up images of dimly-lit gentleman’s clubs, precious leather-bound books and the evocative aroma of cigars.

Club Royale: A crisp citrus breeze carried over a cool, mint-fresh body with lingering notes of rich, wild spices - totally exhilarating!

A fragrance to conjure up a sweet spell with the spirit of echoed laughter, fine wines and the rich flavours of epicurean fancy with good friends.

Oakherne Hunter

A classic male fragrance, with top-notes of citrus and spices blended with earthy undertones of oakmoss and rosewood.

The richly saturated colours of a palette of perfumes, blended to paint,
layer-upon-layer of succulent tones, a picture of your making and an image of your desires.

Oakherne Dressage

A classic perfume, with top-notes of citrus and spices blended with a floral heart that combines the sensuality of Grasse rose with grandiflorum jasmine.

The abundant harvest of oils, extracts and fruits provide for a limitless universe of interpretations - each note an individual theme that builds to create a symphony for the senses.

Oakherne Fragrances

Creating a symphony for the senses.

Based in Royal Berkshire, England, Oakherne is a luxury fragrance company with decades of experience working with major perfume brands and associated businesses around the globe. Our partnership has its roots reaching back some 25 years to when we first toiled together, creating fine fragrances and body-care products for a number of internationally-renowned retailers and overseas markets. Now, with our creative dream-team gathered together once again, we have a refreshed shared-vision for the future of fine fragrances and an ambition to bring the fruits-of-our-labours to discerning customers world-wide.

Oakherne origins.

The legend of Herne, the mythical spirit-keeper of the Great Windsor Forest, evidently has its roots in the Celtic folklore of the deity Cernunnos. But it was Shakespeare, in writing ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ in 1597, who first documents the story of Herne the Hunter - the antlered wild-huntsman and the famous oak tree that he haunts. A possible explanation for the source of the tale, is that Herne is the ghost of Richard Horne, a yeoman during the reign of Henry VIII who was caught poaching in the forest. Shakespearean scholars have since identified a document detailing Horne as a ‘hunter’ who had confessed to poaching and the earliest edition of ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ does indeed spell the name as ‘Horne’. Either way, to many, Herne is the ‘Green Man’ of the forest and a figure-head who aptly represents our appreciation for the plants of the forest and the resources of the earth from which we derive our natural ingredients.

Our background.

Back in the halcyon days of the 1990s, our design team first came together to flesh-out designs for new concepts with fragrances and luxury toiletries - our remit was always to bring beauty and striking design to everything that we touched. Of course there were always pressures to find practical and sustainable solutions but our clients, with adventurous ambitions wanted only the best for their customers. Manufacturers and suppliers of fine goods were sourced worldwide and all came together under well established names associated with the bourgeois arcades of Regency London. It was here that the sinuous relationship between designers and Master Perfumer was first realised. The interpretations and manifestations of varied fragrances and what they said to determine tone, colour and line was a discipline that we learnt well - and the products of these endeavours were well received by select clients both in the United Kingdom as well as over-seas as far as The Americas, The Middle East and Arabia.

A partnership between designers and
Master Perfumer.

In the following years we have renewed and revisited that close working relationship and have created some stunning bespoke fragrances for all manner of private clients as well as leading commercial customers. The story-of-late sees us brought together once again by a chance meeting and a good deal of serendipity - and never ones to miss an opportunity, we jumped to seize the moment! So here we now are, with our hands firmly on the tiller of our own destiny - determined to be both our hardest task-master, but above all, the engine of our imaginative ambitions - still guided by our principle to bring striking beauty to everything we touch.